Carotina Labolatorium 50 gier LISCIANI – LISCIANI GIOCHI

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Carotina Laboratory 50 Games with Marchewka is a rich set designed for preschool children. The set includes a playing and illuminated Marchewka, as well as plenty of materials made of thick cardboard, featuring friendly animals and objects from the farm world. The Lisciani Research Center has developed and tested a set of 50 games that develop children's basic skills: Alphabet; First words and numbers; Shapes and colors; Memory; Animals; Logic; Attention; Comparison. A description of all the games is provided in the accompanying booklet. The games are centered around the friendly character of Marchewka, who speaks and lights up. Playing with Marchewka is very simple. Children try to guess the correct answer to the given question by pressing Marchewka on the black circle next to the chosen answer. If the choice is correct, Marchewka lights up and makes various exclamations. In case of an error, Marchewka encourages the child to try again. The product includes: – Interactive Marchewka (includes batteries: 2 AG13 1.5V) – Colorful peacock – Vegetable garden – 12 mini puzzles with animals – 24 memo cards with chicks – 15 cards with animals – Double-sided board shaped like a rooster – 4 tokens with housewife figures + stands – Spinning wheel with an arrow – Chatty hen puzzle – 60 eggs with letters and numbers – Milk tractor – Drawing bag – Double-sided maxi poster – Instruction manual with game explanations The Carotina Laboratory 50 Games with Marchewka is made in Italy. The dimensions of the packaging are 34.0 x 8.0 x 27.5 cm. It is suitable for children aged 3-6. In summary, Carotina Laboratory 50 Games with Marchewka is a comprehensive educational set that offers a wide variety of games to help children develop important skills such as language, numeracy, memory, logic, and more. The interactive element of the Marchewka character adds excitement and engagement to the gameplay. This product is not only entertaining but also a valuable tool for early childhood learning. So if you're looking for a fun and educational activity set for your preschooler, Carotina Laboratory 50 Games with Marchewka is definitely worth considering. – Rich set of educational games for preschool children – Develops language, numeracy, memory, logic, and more – Interactive Marchewka character adds excitement to gameplay – Made of sturdy materials for durability – Designed by the Lisciani Research Center – Suitable for children aged 3-6 – Made in Italy Remember to share your opinion and review about Carotina Laboratory 50 Games with Marchewka in the comments below to help other shoppers in making their decision.

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